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Pet dog toys clean small tips, let the baby away from germs. | | plastic industry news

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02

        You really can give a baby dog toy clean? Article collect some baby dog toy disinfection small tips, let the baby
dog toy safety and health, and can look brand-new.  

        Plush pet toys

& have spent         Plush pet toys and material is very close, we wear clothes with some infants and young children special laundry detergent to wash, containing a better antibacterial function of anti mite. Will accumulate breed some bacteria in the washing machine, so it is best to wash plush dog toys, after rinsing in chaoyang, ventilated place dry, the ultraviolet ray in sunshine can also have the effect of sterilization.

        Plastic pet dog toys

& have spent         Plastic pet dog toy similar to the material of bottle, we can use a special baby's bottle cleaning fluid to clean them. In a clean baby infuse warm water bath and into plastic pet dog toys, with a clean brush dips in take baby bottle cleaning fluid for scrub. Then rinse with plenty of clean flowing water, is placed within the string bag hang to dry, can be in a clean and breathable plastic basket in natural air drying, and it also need sunlight and ventilation.

        Solid tooth dog toys

& have spent         The baby when the teeth, always like to bite to grind, then mom might buy him back tooth gum, this direct contact with the baby's mouth dog toy how to disinfect? The entrance to the pet dog toys, clean up to more strictly. Some teeth that can be used and bottles disinfection disinfection in the same way: when the scrub bottles, can brush with bottles and bottles at the same time the cleaning fluid solid tooth dog toys and scrub clean, and then into the bottle with milk bottle sterilization pot, use high temperature steam sterilization; Can't use high temperature disinfection of dental adhesive also can fit into a family with tableware disinfection cabinet, with uv and ozone disinfection.

        To precaution, when buying this kind of dog toys, read product manual carefully or ask for directions, can make clear for the teeth disinfection, in what way can not use what is the mode of disinfection, so as not to cause damage or material deterioration dog toys.

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