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Pet dog toys put principles and skills | | plastic industry news

by:Zhierde     2020-12-03
Every dog toy exhibitors hope your product can get the favour of customers. But there are many types of dog toy, can be divided into plastic pet dog toys, electronic pet dog toys, wooden dog toys, we should be better to put it?

after all pet dog toy samples display show, is like a silent salesman, on behalf of the enterprise's image, when you appear in front of the customer is good, the customer is a natural choice for you.

next, let's talk in the hall, pet dog toy samples put some principles and skills, for your reference.

- Put the principle -
shelf space is divided into the upper, middle and under three different grade ( As shown) 。 The middle is gold position, most likely to be seen, and take in smart easy to give directions, poor under section position.
therefore middle position should be used to put gold of sell like hot cakes, unique, seasonal products, such as the latest listing of plastic pet dog toys. Usually put the top need to recommend the product or new product, the lower is usually relatively less popular products.

▼- Put skills -
(1) package of sample is keeping pet dog toys item description clearly, design, color is rich. Bar code stick on the back, according to the different Angle adjustment, make positive in the face of the customer.
(2) general sorted by category, size, color. To agree with series sample, not products the dividing line between the be clear at a glance, do not cross readjusting; Put the parting of the around the front end of the sample and should be in a straight line.
(3) will be a lot of exhibits piled up, will decrease to attract customer's attention. So choose the right amount, the typical samples arrangement, maintain visual plump and beautiful.
(4) keep the booth cleaning, and pay attention to health, not randomly throw garbage in the booth, such as cigarette butts, garbage bags, paper, etc. , otherwise it will give bad impression.
( There is a small number of exhibitors do not pay attention to this aspect. Of course, our friend discovered will be processed in a timely manner. )

5 card bag, opp bag packaging samples show appropriate USES hook.

6. Quantity is little and little things, not spectacular, for example, cute but small evade glue pet dog toys, recommendations will be small and fixed the goods on display, set for big to small & other; Momentum throughout the &; 。 Sometimes can take advantage of the visual error, caused great feeling.

7) need to recommend products, on the top left corner of the specimen, thumb up label on the front of the display. Since the role of the thumb up label is outstanding product special, if too many labels instead of no effect.

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a: toys, let the child give up king glory pet dog was it. 。 。 。 。 。

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