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'Pet trade expert' booster pet dog and the dog toys business enterprise to find you

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
( Reading] This is a wine is also afraid of deep alley s, this is a gain attention eyeball economy era. Have a good product, good publicity. With the transformation of the international economic situation and China's Internet a bouquet also fear alley deep s, this is a gain attention eyeball economy era. Have a good product, good publicity. As the change of international economy and the advent of the era of China's Internet, e-commerce platform has become an integral part of business marketing. Admittedly, e-commerce companies to bring huge business opportunity, however, in the face of numerous and complicated e-commerce platform, many businesses are also lost in enterprises ranked bid is too high, the website is not strong in marketing professional publicity is extremely low, lack of supporting the promotion mode and activities such as awkward position. Pet dogs and dog toy industry is the sunrise industry in China, after decades is rooted in the local development, has become one of the indispensable consumer goods industry city in China. In business, time is money. The businesses how to seize this golden opportunity, to boost profits and brand awareness? In order to better serve the pet dog and the dog toy industry merchants services, to promote the development of the industry, China's pet dog and the dog toys business network through several years research, based on the dog and the dog toy industry situation and demand, the basis of the data of developed premium pet trade, for the overwhelming majority of pet dogs and dog toy business brings new profit growth point!

a, a number of VIP service, marketing mode of universal coverage

in order to help businesses better propaganda, the pet trade through carefully set up a number of functions, merchants as long as registered member, the most available including information priorities, product page recommendation, the LOGO on homepage advertising, exhibition publicity, such as pet dogs and dog toy business opportunities online version magazine ads, integrated marketing, brand depth display, such as more than 20 exclusive VIP service, make your business more do more, earn more and more money.

2, more than 90% of buyers preferred pet trade links,

since it was introduced the pet trade service, received a huge response, such as Shanghai east gmorninge trade development co. , LTD. , guangzhou chang yi pet dogs and dog toy products co. , LTD. , other stores to buy the service, will be a great success. According to China business network data statistics department service test results showed that more than 90% of buyers preferred to do business with the pet trade membership. Pet trade member's exchange rate is 10 times higher than the regular members, members product exposure rate is 20 times of ordinary members, pet trade lead to http://www. petsoo。 Cn/service/chongmaotong/member of the products but also shows the entrance to the more than 30! Real excellent quality and reasonable price, many businesses are in the pet trade said sure, and that it will become a pet dog and the dog toy enterprise profitability of a new generation of good helper!

3, additional services, let pet trade pass more value!

the customer, after open the pet trade through the automatic chain into the enterprise's official website, online comprehensive marketing provides a new channel for the enterprise. In addition, the buy now pet trade service, also can get 3990 yuan worth of free gold shops, let your enterprise obtain high exposure, high coverage, strongly promote eye!

now or never, no longer to pet the dog and the dog toy companies want to create more business in the era of the explosive eyeball customers, China's pet dog and the dog toy business http://www. petsoo。 Cn/pet trade service is undoubtedly the best choice!
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