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Plastic doll why more and more expensive?

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
Plastic doll why more and more expensive? As the saying goes, cheap goods is not good. Believe that many people saw some propaganda on the pet toys behind how how good, but to buy found that when I come back is not like that. More like some unscrupulous manufacturers 3 without the product made of stuffed animals, these cannot assure safe and clean toy doll to buy back to a child, it is not a wise choice.

somebody said that I buy you will not be wrong, but small make up visit found that some parents said some high plastic doll maintenance difficult, or nowhere to repair, or a widget is fast to catch up with the plastic doll half of the price, I became a 'disposable items'. Even some people think that 'choose the cheap, than choose expensive; Choose expensive, it is better to choose the appropriate '.

it is known that plastic dolls, children's toys is easy to loss, our country hasn't a children toy '3 packets' regulation. However, if there is a quality problem, can according to the 'product quality standard' whether to buy a 3 c authentication, security identity, etc. , if there is no may require replacement or return.
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