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Plastic flocking dog toys are hard to wash? Teach you a recruit cleaning tips!

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
According to the test results show that the bacteriologist will be sterilized plastic flocking toys for your baby to play 10 days later, the bacteria colony number on the toy can be as high as 3166, and after birth, most of the parents in the baby's nursery heap many lovely toys. But after the baby played for pet toys clean job became parents very headache problem, so, how to clean your baby's pet toys? Pet toys manufacturer to tell you a few action toys skills.

pet toys are the most common toys, each family has a lot of. However, baby toys, like literally drop on the ground, or into her mouth.

as a result, parents must pay great attention to the health of pet toys, regular cleaning and disinfection of baby toys.

pet toys cleaning steps are as follows:

use tools: clean brush, baby's bottle cleaning fluid.

clean steps: due to the material of pet toys and baby bottles similar, can be used for bottle cleaning fluid to clean.

1, in a clean baby bath or family in the bath water, release the water, with a clean brush dips in baby bottle cleaning fluid for scrubbing of toys.

2, with plenty of water is rinsed clean, put inside a net hanging liang qian, also can let people thousand net breathable plastic basket air-dry, and sunlight and ventilation.

if it is stubborn stains may refer to the following methods:

1, first of all, there will be no battery pet toys into the water, dilute bleaching water, soak for about 30 minutes.

2, then use toothbrush to smudgy parts scrub, and then rinse off with clear water.

3, finally with a clean cloth wipe up, the toys in clean deposit toy box.

PS: if you don't like the smell of disinfectant, can wash a few times more.

with these tips, parents don't have to have a headache the clean baby toys. Take the baby's pet toys give it a try, really very useful!
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