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Plastic flocking dog toys online purchase any tips

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
Online purchase plastic flocking toys have any tips? Small make up today to tell you what time online to choose to buy plastic flocking toys good skills.

images: plastic flocking toys online purchase, normally only dependent on the images taken by the seller to understand goods, but some sellers may use the official pictures as pictures of your item, so as the first step in the online shopping plastic flocking toys, is must be the seller to provide us the pictures for reference.

2, size: not by the imagination to assume the actual size of the plastic flocking toys, must see clearly the seller when buy you wrote in the product description of the specifications of the size, if not be at ease, still can ask the seller before buying whether the size of the products, including plush tail is sitting height or including the height of the foot.

3, material: flocking filler material normally for ordinary 12 d or 7 d PP cotton, PP cotton are the three basic curly, silicon. Good quality PP cotton elastic good, white measure. So we at the time of online shopping is going to ask the seller whether filling the toy was PP cotton, in case you buy a 'dirty' cotton wool.

4, recommend a shopping way: buy plastic flocking toys, typically through taobao, because taobao provide alipay, very safe. Buyers will be money to pay treasure to third party account, no problem, after received the goods to confirm payment, so pay treasure would put the money to the seller, to ensure the interests of the buyers. Moreover, if the buyer received the goods and the seller's pictures and commitments of different specifications, size, buyers can also declined to confirm the arrival of the goods, apply for a refund, fully guarantee the interests of buyers.
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