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Plastic flocking Huang Xiong patent certificate dynamic | | plastic appearance

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02

patent of appearance design is the object of patent, patent law is to protect the object, refers to the appearance design should be granted a patent right in accordance with the law. It is totally different from invention or utility model, namely the appearance design is not a technical solution. Stipulated in article 2 of the patent law of China: 'appearance design, refers to the product's shape, pattern or their combination, and the combination of color and shape, pattern made rich aesthetic feeling and is suitable for industrial application of the new design. Visible, patent of appearance design should meet the following requirements: & have spent

  (1) refers to the shape, pattern, color, or the combination of design;    

2 must be on the product appearance design;    

(3) must be full of aesthetic feeling;    

(4) must be suitable for industrial application of

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