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Plastic pet dog into the dynamic | | plastic toys processing work

by:Zhierde     2020-12-07
Plastic I'm growing with shenzhen.

spring footsteps getting closer, plastic I took my son back to the factory. Evade glue department as soon as you start to a large number of Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. Makes me feel so happy is to sakura momoko, there are a lot of money. There will be masked superman, spider-man. What is my son's favorite.

sakura momoko naive and play little factory workers saw all like. How cute they are jingle cats make my son love at hand.

and naughty cat and mouse spider-man and so on are to accompany my son had a happy childhood.

when I see this lovely mouse my son even forget to eat dinner, laughing mouth doesn't close properly, grow happy happy every day.

a: the dancing lobster is plastic pet dog toys
a: 6 anniversary

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