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Plastic pet dog toy factory warm prompt: small parts should take dog toys | | plastic industry news

by:Zhierde     2020-12-07
Plastic pet dog toy manufacturer said preschool education pet dog toys are usually composed of various small parts, because some parts will be loose after break or after a long time, such as flocking dog toys are not glued down the fallen button eyes, dog toys, car wheels and so on, for children to play, I will pay attention to these parts cause harm to children.

usually we can see most of the parts are small, small parts may cause choking; Also note the magnet, small pieces of the magnet is the baby swallowed into the stomach, may cause suffocation, if the baby swallowed magnets, magnets attract each other, can also lead to intestinal obstruction, life-threatening; With hair, the fallen hair doll or stuffed dog toys if you are the baby in the lungs, could lead to suffocation or breathing disorders.

also note that the electric dog toys batteries, because long-term use may not leak, electric dog toy improper use may cause an electric shock and fire, so, this kind of dog toy is more suitable for older babies to play, in addition, the cord is also a need to pay special attention to the point, because with a wire, rope, lace, mesh, chains, and other parts of the pet dog toys may live baby's hands and feet, as a result, parents should choose the right dog toys for the children, more pet dog toys category, in plastic pet dog toy!

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