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【 Plastic pet dog toy manufacturers] Tell you what is a 'dirty' cotton and how to identify 'dirty' cotton?

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
Yesterday we discussed what is plastic flocking toys filler, at the same time for everyone to popularize the filler, several kinds of commonly used plastic flocking toys to everyone about a kind of illegal, countries prohibit plastic flocking toys filler - — Black heart cotton.

we can give you a detailed say small make up today, what is a 'dirty' cotton and how to identify 'dirty' cotton?

black heart cotton is commonly known as the inferior living with flocculant with fibre products. Generally includes fibrous industrial scraps, medical fibrous waste, recycled fiber, used clothing and other waste materials such as fiber products. If general life with flocculant with fiber products, Be, cotton-padded mattress, pillow, cotton-padded jacket, etc. ) GB18383 - do not conform to the national standards 4 in 2007. 1, 4. Article 2 requirements, so it will be judged to be inferior life with flocculant with fibre products.

compared with qualified plastic flocking toys filler, black heart cotton stay white matt, feel is rough inelasticity, easy to fracture, easy adhesion, chemical odor treatment agent. Black heart cotton or contain the various toxic bacteria such as pseudomonas aeruginosa, staphylococcus aureus, hemolytic streptococcus, direct contact will lead to itchy skin allergy, long-term contact can make people sick. How do we distinguish?

1, see

flocking filler filler dark color, high content of impurities, which can determine whether it is a 'dirty' cotton.

2, hand

qualified high-quality plastic flocking toys filler fluffy even, smooth and elastic. And shoddy cotton coarse elastic does not fluffy uneven, hands tearing fracture easily, at the same time there is a large amount of fly ash, which can determine whether it is a 'dirty' cotton.

3, nose to smell the

the plastic flocking toys or plastic flocking toys before stuffing in the nose, if stimulating odour or musty smell, can determine belongs to 'dirty' cotton. Or take a soft filler combustion, high quality plush toys filler burns without pungent smell, while 'black heart cotton' has obvious irritating smell. It also can determine whether it is a 'dirty' cotton.

in the end, shenzhen co. , LTD. Suggest you buy plastic flocking toys had better go to a trustworthy shop or online store to buy, to see if there is a trademark certificate, etc, at the same time, remember to look for the our company production of plastic flocking toys, absolutely environmental protection non-toxic material.
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