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Plastic pet dog toy processing, need to choose what kind of pad printing machine?

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
Everywhere on the market all kinds of pet toys, plastic accessories and plastic model. So pet toys printing, need to choose what kind of pad printing machine, what kind of equipment to complete. Small make up carefully discuss with you the next.

pet toys manufacturer do pad printing is the printing words and images on the surface of a toy.

pad printing, belong to one of the special printing way. It can be on irregular shaped object surface printing text, graphics and image, is becoming an important kind of special printing. Text and pattern on the surface of the cell phone, for example, is to use this way of printing, and computer keyboard, instruments, meters and other many electronic products surface printing, are finished by pad printing.

I am here to tell you about the general pad printing need what equipment?

1, pad printing machine or more ( Select monochrome two-color multi-color pad printing need for your product to order)

2, air compressor, a

3, a special ink pad printing products

4, pad printing machine accessories ( Plastic head, cutter holder, oil sweep)

5, production fixture materials and tools
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