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Plastic pet dog toy surface

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
We will always find a question when doing the goods & ndash; — Evade glue mould just came back to do with it to plastic pet dog toys on the surface of the rubber is very beautiful, very smooth. But do the goods after period of time to find the same mold out of plastic parts are different. Clear back out on the surface of the glue is not level off, have a scar or a decorative pattern. Why is this?

the original problem is out on goods use pliers. We all know that evade glue pudding tins will plating a layer of chemical elements. Our workers in the rubber parts from mould out, larry if improper operation may met mold wall pliers. Hard claws would bring electroplating scrape the chemical element, the mold wall is uneven. In the production of plastic parts will come out of the above situation & ndash; — The uneven on the surface of the adhesive, have stripes & middot; · · · ·

this problem? This mould is certainly to play sand. Another will solve the problem from the root cause is & ndash; — Pliers. The surface of the first pliers to pack a layer of cloth; The second is the correct employees do goods way.

the next: clean the baby dog toys have a coup on
a: cleaning evade glue pet dog toys?

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