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Plastic pet dog toys and other products has become a new luminescent spot in quanzhou export

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
On May 13, the China times reported: on May 11, fujian quanzhou inspection and quarantine bureau staff in the production of export enterprise regulation buggies. From January to April this year, quanzhou bureau inspection regulation 1052 batch, value 2626 export pet dog toys. 050000 dollars, year-on-year growth of 28 respectively. 92% and 45. 78%. Currently, quanzhou in the production of plastic pet dog toy, electric electronic pet dog toys, plush pet toys, baby carrier, and baby products such as car, hit the United States, Australia and the European Union, 53 countries and regions such as southeast Asia, has become a new luminescent spot in quanzhou exports. Under the

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