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Plastic pet dog toys and we can get our old customers

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
2016 plastic constantly explore new customers and also we can get a lot of regular customers. There are two big company!

1) Sen belle

sen belle in jiangxi development subsidiary, at the end of 2014 to the company's processing orders gradually less, in 2015, gave the company a can say no orders. But this year's belle taking everything into consideration was back to us and asked for a company to help him processing. So we have to sen the partnership. And promised orders can satisfy the production of 3 oil furnace machine every day.

2) Cannes

in the company on the night of the cargo, especially on a daily basis to ensure the 30000 sen belle figures at the same time, have many years no cannes boss call us s coming and going, and ask s can also give them processing plastic pet dog toys? Say they have a large number of products to be developed and has development good products to do.

in this thanks to many new and old customers trust in plastic, plastic thank you must have the injection production each plastic pet dog toys, on impulse as well as quality assurance. We will produce more and better plastic pet dog toys in return for your trust.

a: evade glue machine oil furnace in September on open up
a: plastic animal plush pet toys collection according to

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