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by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
Do have a lovely robot girl friend is back to less than kamei big male biggest wish, is each boy's wishes, especially in the bidding. Rely on the artificial intelligence and bionic technology unceasing enhancement, we human beings are now able to make high beauty and reality similarity robots. Back 40 years ago, most propbably is that still want to also dare not think of fairy tales.

whether it's fighting capacity is low or fighting over thousands of BOSS level character, as long as put on the inside of the dragon fight values can be clear at a glance, presumably the artifact is every boy equipment of childhood dreams. Google company Google glasses designers are also affected by the dragon? Google glasses just doesn't have the ability to test effectiveness, but also a great into mobile devices, presumably in the near future, update Google glasses can detect the function of personal identity, there remains to be seen.

fly free in the sky like a bird man, I think no boy didn't do this dream as a child, and is hoping to woo kamei male? Decades ago and who would have thought that now we can really realize the ideas of such irrelevant?

the tranquilizer gun to conan wrist watches, time & other; Sleepy small five lang & throughout; And involve it. This metal watch looks quite simple, its characteristic is the watch on a similar slings metal bar, rod head with a groove, we can put some green beans and so on the ball, good distance and ejection.

among the many la A dream of A magic weapon of the gadget - there is A fantasy - Air gun, said after wearing it & other; Pa & throughout; , you can use it to his opponent out of thin air. This air gun is not completely unable to realize, infrasound weapons now has been very widely used in military field.

in the 'up to' world, basically every spacecraft and as much as is equipped with electromagnetic gun, a gun basic is discarded, effect or power is very dazzling, and the weapons in real prototype should be run coil. In 1831, the British science Faraday discovered electromagnetic induction phenomenon, inspired by military experts, then consider using the principle of the electromagnetic launch objects to create weapons.

'more la A dream' used to track people inside machine in the now, rare is the ancestor of the GPS navigator. By now developed satellite communication technology, to realize the tracking is a very easy thing. Traced back to the doraemon be vine two male created when it is only an illusion.

the game king in every battle, the monster of CARDS will be projected onto the plot in the reality always friends are very excited, with the emergence of the holographic projection, the king of the game come out inside the monster can & other; Present throughout the &; In the real world. Holographic projection technology is also called virtual imaging technology is the use of interference and diffraction principle of recording and playback object real 3 d image recording and playback technology.

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