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Plastic pet dog toys become the props with cake

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
Pet toys become props standard of cake, we all know that the cake to eat many easy to get fat, but also can not make a delicious cake ah, love beautiful sister also dare not eat so many sweets every day! Than try look not only to eat method, in addition to hook at ordinary times clothes, bags, household items, small dolls, there are more exciting thing want to hook?

it is to let people watch the cakes and pastries have appetite, decorating on the cake, exquisite cartoon figures and all kinds of delicious fruit, hook up these little things, as long as the ornament in a little box, single layer or multilayer, is a big cake and practical wool furnishing articles. The most important cake embryo is hook, also can receive, is really a multi-purpose content! The small dessert, with ShangMian and furnishing articles, in addition to do at ordinary times is a very useful small needle.
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