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by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
People born in the sixties and seventies of the last century, grew up playing a paper airplane. In the material s childhood pet dog toy is diy, a small pieces of paper, through a pair of dexterous hands, pet dog toys to make forms.

paper airplanes is a kind of simple origami game, it's not easy to fold a paper airplane. First of all, the paper is better, it is best to draw the newspaper; In order to make paper airplanes, tore the homework is often the case, will get back to the house beat. Origami aircraft also has the skill, if the head is heavy, flying head to the ground; Head light, topspin and pour on landing. The size of the throwing paper airplane dynamics, also affects the height of the aircraft. Generally speaking, a good paper planes, can be far away with airflow gliding in the air.

origami can also make the camera. Paper folded into a small piece of bread, a few packages make up together into a rectangle of the camera, to set aside a piece of paper is at the bottom of the shutter. “ Ling-ling wang, take a picture for you. ” Ling-ling wang looking back, I held up the camera, a drag note, the above a square package to fold down, showing a picture inside. This picture is draw good beforehand, ling-ling wang this is a beautiful girl, is a white beard old man in the photo, made everyone laugh.

spring and autumn season is the season of flying kites, brothers amplification kite, we will take a kite. Find some bamboo chopping, a FenLianZhi, with a paste, paste and stick on the tail, a small kite is made, commonly known as & other; Fart curtain son. ” Put is not high, the kite in the sky in the vase, we still had a cheerful.

in the summer, more rain, water flow into the river, small fold a paper boat, paper into the water, see the boat along with the waves, had drifted far & hellip; … Made of origami dog toys and sailor hat, paper, paper, paper wing, toad, diy pet dog toys, has tempered ability, bring endless fun.

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