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Plastic pet dog toys: choose a pet dog toy is a required course. | | plastic industry news

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
Pet dog toy is a indispensable consumer goods in the growth of baby, but some existence safe hidden trouble, there is danger of dog toys, children will become a baby accident harm, threat baby healthy & other; Killer & throughout; 。 Children's day is coming, in the face of overwhelming pet dog toy sales, mom and dad and how to choose?

security first forever

security is to choose and use pet dog toys & other The bottom line & throughout; , due to the baby's cognitive level is limited, so adults when buying a pet dog toy dog toy is security considerations, and baby when playing with a pet dog toys, unfavorable also completely out of the sight of an adult.

of course, too much attention to the safety of the pet dog toys also get in the way of other functions play a dog toy. Such as some production qualified electric or automatic pet dog toys safer, but they leave baby began to explore space limited & ndash; — If the baby is always play this dog toys, he was not satisfied curiosity and desire to explore. Pet dog toy safety, therefore, the bottom line to mark later, mom and dad are consider the potential development value of pet dog toys.

dog toy is not equal to & other; Gameplay & throughout;

fun baby interested in pet dog toys are attracted to the basic conditions, mom and dad according to baby's natural interest is easy to grasp the characteristics of pet dog toys, but as a parent, don't patronize fun while ignoring some unhealthy dog toy to the baby the bad influence of psychological development.

for example, some baby like fresh stimulus of terror pet dog toys: twisted with the skeleton, the flow of blood zombies, exaggerated modelling the centipede and cockroaches & hellip; … These things can turn gentle timid mommy turned pale with fear, voice shouted. The baby saw his pet dog toys that the adult scared so horror, can not help but laugh, and thought he was very brave. As a matter of fact, it's so teasing his pleasure stimulation based on anxiety and pain of others, is don't respect others' life security performance.

in addition, some suggest that violent weapons pet dog also has some baby toys, parents should avoid these dog toys cause psychological baby's aggressive tendencies, or potentially cause unsafe hidden trouble to the people around you.

children educational dog toys

some mommy's mood is more urgent, education children to become like buy some developing brain pet dog toys for children, the pet dog toys intelligence connotation may be over the baby's development present situation and cause children feel dull & ndash; — Instead it, don't hurt baby its close relationship with a pet dog toys. The gameplay is recommended in the instructions may not be suitable for the baby of their own level of development, to respect baby game he had invented at this moment, let him set up feelings for pet dog toys, interests, and free operating ability, such as his mental development with a pet dog toy to match, then operate the recommended play is not late.

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a: plastic pet dog toys: plastic pet dog toys should be cleaned before playing.

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