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Plastic pet dog toys: choose a pet dog toy safety is the key! | | plastic industry news

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
On holiday, in order to let the children have a happy holiday, parents is, many parents choose to buy a pet dog toys for children, so the children's pet dog toy market also will heat up. Recently, the reporter visited the market understands, traditional pet dog toys, educational classes, parent-child class pet dog toy popular market.

in pet dog toy market, saw a lot of parents with children to pick their pet dog toys. Wide variety of dog toy neatly placed in the corners of the store, electric dog plastic pet dog toys, educational toys, pet dog toys, plush pet toys, etc. However, wool cloth with soft nap of the usual hot dog toys, plastic pet dog toys are placed on the location of the store. “ Although the price is relatively high, but the educational classes and subclasses of pet dog toy sales is very good. ”

now value the parents and children interaction, when choosing a pet dog toy is more exquisite, educational classes and class filial pet dog toys began to sell like hot cakes. So, how should parents choose safe and suitable pet dog toys for children?
parents when pet dog toys of choose and buy, the first thing to look for qualified products, or & lsquo; 3C’ Certification mark, at the same time, also should choose suitable for children ages, higher safety coefficient of pet dog toys, don't let your child contact you & lsquo; Bear & rsquo; Pet dog toys, and more importantly, pay attention to check whether pet dog toy parts such as, in case the children into the mouth to swallow, have serious consequences. ”

plastic pet dog toys, we only production in line with international standards of plastic pet dog toys, let every children have a childhood full of imagination.

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