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Plastic pet dog toys: choose the safe plastic pet dog toys know-how. | | plastic industry news

by:Zhierde     2020-12-07
Now we have more kinds of baby's pet dog toys, but plastic pet dog toys with its bright color, high cost performance, and relatively strong, so get the favour of the baby and the parents. But we can not be ignored is that these plastic pet dog toys may sometimes become a threat to babies health killer. So, how to choose safe and reliable pet dog toys other parents more headaches. Provide some choice now plastic pet dog toys should pay attention to the details of the parents have some reference.

baby plastic pet dog toys to choose

the gloss depends on pet dog toys and crisper

high quality plastic pet dog toys on the gloss and crisper than shoddy performance more excellent pet dog toys. This is because the quality of plastic pet dog toys are usually made of PVC, PP, PE and other plastic raw materials, plastic itself is very glossy. And many bad dog toys usually adopt & other; Two material & throughout; ( The waste plastics recycling and processing of materials) And after reprocessing into color variation. Although not necessarily can ensure the safety of colour and lustre is good will, but poor gloss, bright degree difference are unsafe products.

2 depends on the thickness of the pet dog toys

plastic pet dog toys is the biggest characteristic is the finished products or components of disposable injection molding, if pet dog toy inside too thin, when children play is easy to broken, drop, plastic brittle fracture produce little pieces, sharp edges and corners, dangerous for the baby. Generally marginal or arc plastic wall thicker than other place, so increased the dog toy fell to the ground when the damage to bear ability, reduce the extent of damage.

3 c certification and third, we need to see a pet dog toys label instructions

3 c authentication is short for China compulsory product certification. Regulations of the state, plastic pet dog toys to passed the national mandatory product certification, namely to have & other; CCC” Mark. If there is no 3 c certification, product packaging that the product is fake and inferior products. 3 c mark is not a quality mark, however, is one of the most basic security certification, can only prove that the product qualified, can't prove product performance is very excellent. Also, check the manufacturer, producing area, main material composition, warning signs, such as product certification label.

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