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Plastic pet dog toys: early childhood pet dog toys, these you know? | | plastic industry news

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
Now enter the market, or into the streets, we can find everywhere is the child's pet dog toys. And a stick & other Our pet dog toys & throughout; Quietly popular tags, and the price of this dog toy is higher than most of pet dog toys on the market price, and is applied to early education center. Our pet dog toy may is a new term for parents.

what is our pet dog toys?

the biggest characteristic is that our pet dog toys played down to the greatest extent 'teaching, more and more used in the' play ', the real fun

our pet dog toys to important function that the children grow up?

( A) Development of infant movement, enhance children's physical

the development of the action is the most basic conditions for young children to all kinds of activities. Children's motor development not only can expand the scope of their activities, to promote the understanding of things around the development of the ability and the ability to adapt to the environment, but also can promote children's physique growth, enhance physical fitness.

( 2) Improve young children's knowledge, develop children's intelligence

dog toy is a textbook, to promote the development of children's intelligence children rely on pet dog toys to activities and learning. And through to the pet dog toys to see, touch, play to complete the development of children's intelligence. Give children color sleeve, for example, young children through open arrangement, observation, comparison, not only know the color, and know the size. All kinds of traffic tools pet dog toys such as animal, furniture pet dog toys, children in the process of play, not only met the performance, usage, etc. , but also understand the classification. Children at the same time also can get all kinds of knowledge information in the play, emotional experience, to produce to explore life around things of interest. Especially the specially designed to develop children's intelligence/pet dog toys, is the best tool to enlighten children's intelligence.

( 3) Helping and love each other to cultivate children's good behavior habits and good moral character,

by pet dog toys operation, role play and imitation of adult daily life, can make the children gradually know self-effacing each other, mutual respect, respect elders, share collaboration, such as good moral character, is also running dog toys during the game, started to occurrence and development of children's social behavior.

( 4) Cultivate their abilities of beauty appreciation

for young children, is very important training experience and ability to find beauty and cultivate aesthetic emotion. It is through color, shape, many pet dog toys to show the beauty of nature, children in the process of play, gradually deepen sensibility and expression of beauty. Pet toys can cultivate children's art appreciation. , such as the building blocks to hold plastic, colloidal particles, etc, children to the best of their ability to build, to spell, and more beautiful.

( 5) Pet dog toy is a good partner, children's life enables children to live full and happy

in daily life, children need to fill their life with a pet dog toys. Young children's partner, then, is the pet dog toys, children with doll whispering, to feed it, etc. Other kinds of pet dog toys and children's friends, they use a lego house, put the train, and his mouth constantly imitate sounds, get happy and satisfied, so pet dog toys eliminates the young children's loneliness and loneliness.

( 6) Cultivate children's creative

dog toy is a tool for young children to know the world, and also cultivate children's creative tool. Such as children with rubber plastic to hold activities, when Mosaic a cube, children said it was & other; TV & throughout; , he pretended to change channels, while telling the story, so children themselves to hold objects, the process of their stories is the creative process. Infants born creative, young children's the creativity should be brought to the attention of the adult and encouragement.

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