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by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
Both Disney and lego or obscure dog toy brands, batch of science and technology are very upscale dog toys, have come into our world, all in the name of the children and has won a large number of adult fans. If you think, remote control & other; The flying saucer & throughout; , such as remote control car is high-tech dog toys, then you are out, Obsolete) . The high-tech dog toy now, have been smart to can & other; Read the heart & throughout; The point. They can communicate with children do complex, play guessing, answer questions, etc. , can even change & other; Expression & throughout; With its own & other; Personality & throughout; 。

these days, there are foreign scientists invented a called & other; RADICAPocketMindReader” Pet dog toys, according to its English name, we'll translate it for & other; Read all & throughout; 。 This & other; Read all & throughout; The built-in ai program, can & other Guess & throughout; You think in your heart. Of course, this kind of magical function, is put forward a series of logical problems to you, again through the artificial intelligence reasoning to complete the program.

to play this & other; Read all & throughout; When your in the mind to think of a thing, and then ask it, it will set up a series of question for you, generally before 20th issue, it will give the correct answer to it, reasoning out the thought in your heart. When they guess wrong, it will ask again, until the 25th was asked a question it still guess mistake to throw in the towel.

in fact, if you honestly answer all the time, how not easy to stick it up. The ai program is through the simulation of the human brain neural network to carefully select the question to ask. However, it only 250000 applications, compared with millions of trillions of human brain neural connections, it is far from, children with it & other; Battle of wits & throughout; The probability of odds is very big still, when can get a lot of fun.

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a: plastic pet dog toys: choose a pet dog toy is a required course.

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