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Plastic pet dog toys: how cleverly satisfy the destruction of the baby. | | plastic industry news

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
Baby sabotage is also a way to know the world, should try to give him the chance of some damage, the destruction of the satisfy his desire. But also can't let the baby to destroy everything, can think of some ingenious ways to satisfy the destruction of the baby.

use splicing pet dog toys

such as buying some amount to assemble the dog toys can well meet him. Optional pet dog toy building blocks, puzzles, deformation dolls, removable model, pounding music box, repair kit, etc.

the dog toy materials, is not afraid of broken broken, and the combination is diversiform, can carry, detachable play a lot of, can let the baby for a long time immersed in between, natural won't go to destroy the other items.

in addition, this kind of dog toy is not easy to play, the baby in the process of play may face failure, but failure can develop his patience and ability to resist setback, and urged him to think.

the most important of all, this kind of dog toy greatly satisfy the baby's curiosity and destruction.

give full play to the baby's love

after 1 year old baby still can't speak many words, but his heart have many small idea, he would consider not too far, but there is a characteristic, has been formed in his thoughts and practices with the colour of the self as the center, is unlikely to consider each other's mentality and the consequences, but he has started to care about their own influence, make a simple example: mom and dad how to oneself, baby will according to this model play our own strength, learn to take care of things around you, such as coax his pet dog toy bear sleep, night put his pet dog toy pieces in his little bed.

sweet tip

parents want to have a baby and reasonable patience, if the baby listen to the truth can't control myself, that will keep him safe, if the building & other; Going throughout the &; A loud knocking down let baby happy, then why not forced him to set a pattern? Baby even destroyed a precious dog toys, also try not to get angry, destroy just at that time, and got the spiritual wealth which can drink all life, such as positive thinking habit, rich imagination, active creativity and so on.

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