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Plastic pet dog toys: how to choose a pet dog toy development intelligence | | plastic industry news

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
Play an important activity is at a very young age. Besides sleep eat, most of the time is spent in the play, so want to choose the right dog toys, the child's physical, psychological and intellectual development have a very close relationship.

in this period of time, should help to give their children more brains, tried to pet the dog toys. Give children to buy a small bell, he would go to the bell on the colour, shake, hear sweet sound, give him a little ball play, children can imagine a lot of things are all round. Such as playing with blocks, play sand with a small shovel and little buckets, shovels, play water appliances, children ride a car and so on, the children will like it very much, which can promote the child's thinking and imagination.

those cars, such as cloth of small animals and children like to play with a pet dog toys. Nearly 2 years, many children began to interested in the color of the small picture story. Best choose and buy some bright colors, paper, strong album for children to see. In short, the pet dog toys can help children grow up, improve intelligence, is the children's good partners.

now, many different kinds of pet dog toys, wooden, metal, paper, cloth, plastic, rubber, ceramics and other products, useful clockwork gears turning, with hand or pull move, electric and electronic operation, etc. , the following reference:

1. Intelligence pet dog toys

have read card, pinyin, maps, electronic calculator, with the fragrance of sound and pictures, rockets, aircraft, electric trains, and other electric, electronic, optical, acoustic pet dog toys, and the jigsaw puzzle, six sides animal paintings, set of dolls, thimble, etc. Can cultivate children's thinking ability, in the play, the game is education.

2. Natural pet dog toys

as small spoon, spoon, bowl, small water tanks, small barrel, kettle, spade, etc; There are some easy farmed fish, insects, etc. , to cultivate children's observation, imagination, rich knowledge.

3. Entertainment pet dog toys

'daruma', funny people, animals, etc. , with clockwork can cause children's joy and happy mood, promoting the healthy development of children's psychological training, cheerful personality.

4. Image pet dog toys

all kinds of dolls, animals, birds, transport and daily utensils, etc. ; The images of pet dog toys can develop children's ability of recognizing things, development thinking, cause the child's imagination and emotion, dress doll, feed the birds, the pet dog toys as living things.

5. Traffic pet dog toys

ship, small cars, planes, can develop children's actions, rich knowledge of traffic.

6。 Building pet dog toys

blocks, the geometry pattern of wood, plastic, makeup and illustrations, all kinds of building materials of metal and screw components, etc. , these materials can let children spell spell in folding, transform pattern, structure, assembling into various objects, training hand-eye coordination, cultivating imagination ability and perseverance.

7. Sports pet dog toys

there are all kinds of ball, carts, thimble, and kindergarten trojans, turntable, slides, bluff, climbing frame, the balance beam, the rope, rubber band, tricycles, etc. , can take exercise, brave, intelligent flexible quality.

8. Military dog toys

a fuse small pistols, rifles, aircraft, etc. , can cultivate children to imitate the people's liberation army, cultivate the spirit of the wit and brave.

the above the choice of the pet dog toy for the first five months after birth to & other; Pet dog toy education & throughout; 。 Some dog toys should pay attention to safety and health, can put cloth pet dog toys in the sunlight, plastic pet dog toys available soap water to wash or soak with disinfectant, mouth blown pet dog toys should be special, to avoid dog toy impair the health of children without health. Pet dog toys after finishing, let children to help clean up, this is important for children's upbringing.

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