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Plastic pet dog toys: how to just calculate bought the right dog toys? | | plastic industry news

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
Myth: puzzle, the value of pet dog toys core

according to family doctor online in buy pet dog toys for baby, some parents are always wrapped in the idea of pragmatism & ndash; — The pet dog toy is helpful to develop your baby's intelligence. In fact, every dog toy to the baby has meaning, just, not all reflect on intelligence development of this aspect. Therefore, parents should for pet dog toys to conduct a comprehensive understanding, understand the functions of the various pet dog toys, parents may think this is difficult, but as long as more than play with the baby, and to guide him, over time, parents can also become a pet dog toy expert. Later, when parents choose pet dog toys for the baby become more experienced and purpose, play in the guide baby dog toys will also be more handy.

erroneous zone 2: a price points a points goods, you sure good

many mom and dad have an idea, your pet dog toy is a good pet dog toys, must be able to better develop the baby's intelligence, and the more investment is helpful to the development of children in the future.

but that isn't the case, the child's choice of pet dog toys and understanding and the adult is different, they are more focus on the present pet dog toy can let him interested, have fun. Baby don't go to bother to bother to consider what is the cost of it, this isn't their thing. It is important to note that now is not to say that the price expensive is not suitable for children, but to choose and buy the needs and preferences of the pet dog toy baby must be considered.

general, with the baby life closely, can cause the baby to produce the pet dog toy feeling happy and simple modelling, instead more can attract the baby.

myth 3: pet dog toys, the best is the more the better

just bought a new pet dog toys for your baby, not how to play in, or just for a pet dog toy in hand, see the other children in the hand & other; Rarity & throughout; , strong immediately come forward to rob, and a new pet dog toys behind.

the baby is fickle, this is because children have a natural curiosity, active psychological characteristics. They don't care, on the existing things haven't played, not seen things full of curiosity and yearning. But this does not mean that parents must rely on constantly updated pet dog toys to meet the requirements of the baby.

mom and dad can refer to the following three aspects:

& middot; Categorizing of the existing pet dog toys

children to play with a pet dog toys, parents don't come up with a pile of dog toys, part swallow, leaving only a small part. After a period of time, when the baby light forget to put the dog toys, then took out a small part of it can make the baby to the deja vu pet dog toys back to produce novelty, thus improve the utilization rate of pet dog toys. However, as the babies growing, mom and dad still should gradually add new pet dog toys.

· Homemade pet dog toys

using some of the waste in the home, also can make a fun pet dog toys, not only that, if let the baby to participate in the production process, also can let the baby feel the joy of success.

· Exchange of pet dog toys

parents should be encouraged to baby to play with other baby dog toys, such already can bring a new pet dog toy to the baby's fun and games, also can develop baby's interpersonal skills.

myth: buy, the source of the pet dog toy only

mom and dad don't put the dog toy too narrow definition, in fact, anything that makes the baby things of interest can be a pet dog toys or make pet dog toy materials. Baby's way of thinking is quite different from adults, as long as something to attract his attention, arouse interest in playing for the baby, this thing is what he wanted to pet the dog toys. If the baby can participate in the production process of pet dog toys, so even if again how ugly this toy dog, it is still irreplaceable treasure baby heart.

mistake 5: pet dog toys can play, also can have the effect of the nanny

many parents because the job is busy no time to accompany children play together, they will all think of pet dog toys. Therefore, the adults took pains to refer to a large number of data of parenting modestly consult to parenting experts, and for the baby to choose the suitable for all kinds of pet dog toys for ages they play.

dog toy no life, no feelings, it can't replace parents love for the baby. To buy baby dog toys not wrong, but let pet dog toy bear was the responsibility of parents, parents will not only delay the development process of the baby, even not reverse the damage for your baby's growth.

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a: plastic pet dog toys, anime of science and technology into a reality.

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