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by:Zhierde     2020-12-02

royal mail released a new set of stamps, theme is the bag yesterday 10 in 100, Britain's most popular pet dog toys. From August 22, initially, people who want to back to childhood, to 7000 from the British post office and royal mail's website, buy around the stamps and postcards, etc.

in the pet dog toys, one of the oldest two & ndash; — W英国特洛伊勇士和Meccano— — Was born in the end of the 19th century, the former is a series of pet dog toy soldiers, the latter is the bolt, nut metal Mosaic of plug-in pet dog toys, like to play high, children can use the small parts to spell out all sorts of modelling.

and most of the rest of the pet dog toys, all came out after the second world war. Have some pet dog toy was born from the war, for example carpet pet dog toys, Fuzzy Felt, its maker Loi Allan in wartime production is Felt gasket, the discovery of the workers of the children love to play after picking up leftover material, he harvests the inspiration for the invention of pet dog toys. The children can use wool cloth with soft nap of paper cut out characters, animals, and to build such as modelling, will they stick on the carpet, optionally with a story or play house.

you can also from some pet dog toys, capture some of the British society, the most typical is the pet dog doll Sindy. In stamps, she wear the red, white and blue collar sweater, a word in loose hair wears a red hair band. Sindy was born in 1963, a few years younger than America's barbie doll, she also like barbie fashion, it was when the British queen's planners very frontier Marion Foale and Sally Tuffin.

these stamps is the concept of the British planning Interabang arrangements. Before the project, they have royal mail planning with a Star Wars and bees, stamps, also produced a stamp yearbook for its.
the preliminary planning from collecting dog toys. Interabang team from sites such as eBay and private collectors, collect the initial version of other pet dog toys, then on the basis of the modelling of pet dog toy itself and pet toys, pet dog toy planning manuscript, open plan. They want to transfer that people receive a pet dog toy for the first time, to cheer when opened the packaging.
so, in the planning Spce Hopper of the stamps, on the scene shooting orange dog toy ball, they joined the sun light, the background of create a dramatic effect. In planning and Action of Man stamps, after the death of their pet dog toy soldier joined a decline in the paratroopers, the image of planning from pet dog toys in the manuscript.

although mailing letters and postcards of the modern people less and less, but countries including the UK royal mail postal arrangement, the stamp is still in a serious business. A small stamp, has not been lost it bag yesterday with the commerce and even political propaganda function, and the history of the before the fat contained in the meantime, become the many collectors are the value of appreciation. And commemorative stamps are developed to appeal to this part of the consumer, also became the royal mail arrange continued expansion stamp business such as a big power.

plastic pet dog toys to locate become treasure mom assistant and tools as the goal, to establish a stable service system, with diverse product supply strength, is also based on the safety and health, educational and interesting multiple characteristics as the goal of good choice. Pet dog toy freedom of choice, let treasure mom liberated from hard work, let the process into simple happy game, borrowing more pet dog toys, let the baby happy, mother easily, at the same time to achieve the educational effect, have a good early education purpose, become to treasure mom was the most happy choice.

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