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Plastic pet dog toys information | how better to choose the appropriate dog toys for baby | | plastic industry news

by:Zhierde     2020-12-07
1, clear age, for the baby, practicality and safety first consider plush dog toys.

2, see the fabric quality

plush pet toys cloth to clean first, followed by quality. Cloth with high low-grade division, short plush, velvet, plush cloth of TIC, this is a pet dog toy price is one of the important factors, some sellers shoddy, cheat consumer.

3, plush pet toys padding

good all of the wadding is PP cotton, like the nine holes in the supermarket pillow core material, feel is good very evenly. The wadding are 'dirty' with poor cotton, feel bad, harm to baby's health.

4, accessories whether firm

accessories not solid or too small, easy to play in the baby into the mouth, produce risk. In addition, also want to see whether the same color or to enable a raw wool to consistent, otherwise there will be a sunshine have different color, to the contrary, MAO affect beautiful.

5, observe whether appearance is beautiful

in addition to the design is beautiful, also want to see the dog toys around position whether is symmetrical, with the hand backlog is soft and fluffy, each part whether suture and firm, pet dog toy accessories have Nick, the imperfect.

6, plastic pet dog toys information

see if any trademark, brand, safety signs, factory address, etc. , binding is firm.

7, plastic pet dog toys information

view inside and outside packing, marks are consistent, moistureproof performance is good, the inner packing for plastic bags, opening size over a certain range must open pores to prevent children head asphyxiation occurs by mistake.

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