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Plastic pet dog toys information | how to distinguish between plastic pet dog toys and rubber pet dog toys | | plastic industry news

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
About some pet toys seem, but the material is very different, people can't distinguish good rubber and plastic pet dog toys, small make up about what's the difference for you.

color: plastic color is relatively clear, and rubber products with poor transparency;

: the thickness of plastic pet dog toy thickness thinner than rubber products;

hardness: general plastic products was a little hard than rubber products;

texture, smooth or plastic pet dog toys microstrip lines, and part of the surface of the rubber products like human skin texture deeper or relatively coarse;

: plastic taste the flavor of the microstrip plastic, rubber and rubber products, traces of leather;

weight: relatively general plastic products will be slightly lighter than the rubber products.

and heat-resistant, plastic fire would be easy to deformation, melting, and the rubber will not deformation, also won't melt;

the touch texture, heavy plastic have no taste, texture and weight is lighter;

plastic pet dog toys advantage in raw materials and production efficiency are better than rubber, plastic products are less expensive than rubber.

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