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Plastic pet dog toys information | parents when the choose and buy pet dog toy need to look the 3 c | | plastic industry news

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
Pet dog toy is a friend of children, choose a good pet dog toy is very important. Many parents believe that children's pet dog toys to play of time is not long, so like to go to the small commodity market to buy, cheap, and more. But if there is no national certification 3 c mark, parents don't buy. Because the dog toy is likely to hurt the child's killer. Choose a pet dog toys first to see whether the national product safety certification marks ( The 3 c certification) , best choice of manufacturer's products.

when the choose and buy and check carefully whether the spare parts. Evade glue pet dog toy dolls buttons, animal eyes, pet dog toy car fixed accessories sealed, small parts, is the place that the parents should pay special attention to, to try to use hand when buying a few times, see whether there is loose.

plastic pet dog toys, the choose and buy should pay attention to whether there is a flash, and pay attention to choose a pet dog toys made of thick plastic material, in case the dog toy fall behind produces little pieces and be swallowed by children. Electric dog toy with gears, chains of choose and buy, should check whether the drive gear cover closed, that the hand of the children could not into, so as to avoid the rotation clamp fingers. Do not buy as far as possible on the surface of wooden pet dog toys containing paint film, avoid children face, biting dog toy when inhaling harmful substances.

try not to buy dog toys with fragrance. Because most of this kind of dog toys there are aromatic compounds such as benzene, toluene, once the fragrance of inhaling too much will not benefit the child's health. When buying a sound dog toys should be moderate hear its sound is sweet, no noise, big voice may affect children's hearing and even damage.

regularly to cleaning and disinfection of pet dog toys, and education of children wash their hands, have good health habits, avoid the germs in the pet dog toy dangers to children health.

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