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by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
Plastic pet dog toys wholesale manufacturers, kindergarten large dog toy mainly includes: children's slide, expand to climb, climb the nets, ship, bridge, drill holes in several categories, such as large general kindergarten dog toy mainly used in outdoor, in order to facilitate everyone to select the following details to introduce the dog toys.

a, plastic pet dog toys - Children's slide

children slide mainly divided into engineering plastic and wooden slide two categories. With molding slide consists of native engineering plastics with 127 mm galvanized steel pipe; The material of wooden slide is imported anticorrosive wood willow eucalyptus wood. High quality large portfolio of slide is conducive to energy and imagination into full play, improve children's psychological quality training children brave, tough and stubborn personality, speed, strength, balance, coordination, such as quality, achieve physical fitness, the action of brain puzzle.

- 2, plastic pet dog toys Swinging bridge and burrowing

kindergarten outdoor place bridge and burrowing, mainly produced by the advanced anticorrosive wood, the surface spray varnish, beautiful environment. Swinging bridge and drill holes do not fade, high strength, antistatic, drying, aging resistance, crack resistance. Not only exercise the children's independent balance, coordination and creation ability, but also to the children's ego to protect consciousness.

- pet dogs, plastic toys Children swivel chair

children swivel chair with PE plastic, iron castings produced by electrostatic painting, combining with the characteristics of the domestic market, will be a lot of functional activities to dissolve into children's entertainment, colorful products, high and low temperature resistance, is made from metal material with high quality hot rolled plate and steel tube, rust removal, phosphating, paint after processing and molding process is made and be become.

- four, plastic pet dog toys Wooden bridge

wooden bridge is the kindergarten are all training equipment of category, mainly has advanced engineering plastics and advanced anticorrosive wood of two materials, the balance of the exercise is good for young children and challenge self ability. Kindergarten for more different shapes, can be combined freely, is a kind of training kindergarten outdoor essential equipment.

- five, plastic pet dog toys Swing

the swing is a traditional children's pet dog toys, would also be part of the kindergarten are all training equipment category, mainly has advanced engineering plastics and advanced anticorrosive wood two materials. Let the child playing at the same time, recreation, exercise the child's courage. Because of the particularity of play, the swing of the safety performance is very important, so in the play, need to be under the care of teachers and parents.

children outdoor development training equipment type many, the material is different, which is given priority to with advanced engineering plastics and advanced anticorrosive wood. Outdoor expand designed according to children's characteristics, through the three-dimensional combination of science integrating recreation, sport, educational, fitness, leave children in an exciting and safe recreation environment.

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