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Plastic pet dog toys: let the vulgar dog toy eroded the childlike innocence. | | plastic industry news

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
There is a news: inadvertently found that children under the age of 10 should smoke up. The child is doing his homework, with a cigarette in your mouth, cigarette flickering, return in mouth spit out the smoke. Family is very shocked, asked how he would smoke up for his age. Can a child but a face of innocence, said this is not smoke, is a fruit & other Pet dog toy cigarette & throughout; , the stationery shop to buy at the school gate, a lot of boys like to buy this stuff in the school, & other; Feel very cool & throughout;

it should be said that life in today's era of children particularly urban children are only children, they are of handheld devices in the home, is very happy, what what you want. Which is based on the current parents to the child's universal love spoil, children's pet dog toys for management benefit maximization of manufacturers and distributors, is committed to children's pet dog toy market to dig deeper into and expand, it means nothing, method is omnipotent, some aimed at children pursuit of novelty, stimulation, and so on so-called & other; Adult & throughout; 、“ Fiendish to take & throughout; And & other Vulgarization & throughout; Pet dog toys so openly, become more tempted to distinguish ability is not strong, vulnerable children self-control purchase and play.

love dog toy is children's nature. Good dog toys to develop their intelligence, edify their sentiment and inspire them to positive. Shall be cause for alarm, however, is the adult, fiendish to take, and vulgarization of pet dog toys, often take shelter evil people and practices as vanguard, the vulgar stand out as a novelty, easy to affect children's physical and mental health. It is not hard to imagine that when children immersed in these so-called & other; Advanced novel & throughout; Pet dog toys, will introduce them in imperceptible in to another & other; Environmental & throughout; , osmosis, they young mind would be terrorist, bloody and vulgar, ugly & other; Pet dog toys culture & throughout; The erosion, thus lost prematurely that a good tong zhen.

keep children away from the vulgar dog toys, need the social from all walks of life to participate and cooperate. School and family should strengthen the propaganda and education of students, improve the students' ability of cognition and identification, consciously resist these vulgar pet dog toys; Industry and commerce, quality supervision departments to strengthen the supervision of schools around the store, to & other; 3 without & throughout; Increasing inventory products, take strong measures to cut off from the source the vulgar pet dog toy production. Cultural departments as soon as possible in pet dog toy market & other; Grading & throughout; System, the adult dog toys, children's pet dog toys for grading, shall not be arbitrarily sales. For sales to children with violence, pornography, superstition elements such as pet dog toy business, to investigate. As long as we joint, guide and education child away from the vulgar refused to bad information pollution, to purify the school ethos, let the children healthy growth. For adult, fiendish to take, and vulgarization of pet dog toy eroded each completely clean heart of innocence.

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