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Plastic pet dog toys: 'One Belt And One Road' let pet dog toy enterprise vitality | | plastic industry news

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
With the international economic slow recovery, import and export situation of China's foreign trade enterprises better. Among them, the dog toy exports year-on-year surge in striking.

China's General Administration of Customs statistics show that in May this year, China's pet dog toy exports 139. 401. 4 billion yuan. 1 ~ 5 months, pet dog toy export 522 in our country. 703. 1 billion yuan, compared with the same period last year, surge in 54. 8%.

as a pet dog toy exporter, & other; One Belt And One Road & throughout; Construction of our country pet dog toy companies to expand the international market affect the geometry, the personage inside course of study ideas.

“ One Belt And One Road & throughout; In product diversification and target customer diversity, expanding the international market for the enterprise provides new opportunities. Products ranging from textile and garment, dog toys, electrical and mechanical, medicine, shipbuilding and other fields.

“ One Belt And One Road & throughout; Bring the new development opportunity. On the one hand, to comply with the demand of customer, enterprise's export products will be more diversified;

on the other hand, the enterprise to have factories in South Asia, southeast Asia and other underdeveloped areas can bypass the Europe and the United States and other places of China's trade barriers, when the order can be more flexible, to provide customers more options at the same time, the competitiveness of the enterprises will be improved.

for pet dog toy enterprise, a great influence on enterprise's tax policy. Relies mainly on the soft dog toys sewing machine and handmade, income is meager profit of small profit. If we can put the classified into textile soft dog toys offer certain tax rebates and other preferential policies, the soft dog toys business development of export enterprises will go a long way.

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a: plastic pet dog toys, pet dog toy lease 'really can take the place of purchase.

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