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Plastic pet dog toys: plastic pet dog toys need to be carefully chosen. | | plastic industry news

by:Zhierde     2020-12-07

        Pet dog toys for plastic products, mask is also useful to the pulp or pulp, designs for the shape of a cartoon figures or animals, children like to wear these masks are very pet dog toys to play.

        Mask some unqualified pet dog toy is made with a poisonous plastic, containing toxic chemicals, inhalation may cause damage in the body by a child; In addition, some impenetrable mask dog toy itself, not in the mouth and nose leave breathing place, if children wear for a long time can cause lack of oxygen to the brain, make the child appear dizziness, vertigo phenomenon, serious when still can cause suffocation. Judge a mask of pet dog toys dangerous situation, to see the dog toy into the pores of the oral cavity and nasal size is safe, and then see if the mask pet dog toy materials qualified, whether they contain toxic substances.

        Balloon dog toy dog toy balloon for rubber or plastics, filled with air or hydrogen, colour is gorgeous, changing shape.

        Balloon there are many hidden trouble, the first balloon explosion is easy to cause harm to the child, especially the helium balloons, if you meet fire, can also cause severe burns; Followed by the balloon pieces once in children's respiratory tract, it is hard to remove, directly threat to life. Therefore, when the children to play with the balloon, parents should pay more attention to, if the balloon catch broken by a child, every piece of debris to clean up in time, lest swallowed by a child.

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