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Plastic pet dog toys processing brought me of those 'welfare' | | plastic dynamic

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
I'm growing up with shenzhen

plastic I grow with shenzhen on my way. The spring of 1990, we and how to proceed with lian xing following enterprise together.

plastic in the summer of 1990 I won the double harvest of love and family. Kengzi town, the second industrial zone has been completed. Luen hing plastic has entered the era the most exuberant, factory increased to more than 400 people. Have 10 evade glue machines, beer machine more than 10 units, fuel injection, coloured drawing or pattern, pad printing, packaging, and so on department. Company staff is now in the busy work overtime, we supply the ceaseless, evade glue department all the staff look forward to the development of the company with the biggest.

plastic I during the winter of 1990 ushered in a new member of our family and my son. My husband also promoted to management, may be joy puts heart into a man, is really a good league. The winter of 1990 good news to expand business, factory employees, confidence one hundred times. We couples more happy and finally ushered us a shot. Under the

a: with son in plastic pet dog toy factory life
a: wu always take plastic products factory experience

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