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Plastic pet dog toys: teach you how to identify quality of plush pet toys. | | plastic industry news

by:Zhierde     2020-12-07
Now stuffed dog toy market full of beautiful things in eyes, the price also is uneven, for baby, entertainment secondly, safety first. How to identify the quality of pet dog toys, but a lot of one of the problems with mom and dad have a headache.

today is to teach you five recruit let you learn how to distinguish the quality of plush dog toy:

a, see appearance whether fine workmanship, modelling is beautiful and lovely. As big factory will be on the plush dog toy design of kung fu, and the modelling of small factory will only imitate others, often use less material, and workmanship quality rough, made by plush dog toy, very ugly. So, choose the time of plush pet toys can't see the size and price. Your dog in the pet toy dog toys wholesale market will find that the same shop there will be dozens of plush dog, is 30 cm, same price range from $10 to 50 yuan. You will find that you feel more beautiful and lovely prices more expensive. Because the use of better materials, deal with more details, do work more careful, more investment is needed resources.

2, feel is good, how material selection. Good plush pet toys multi-purpose super soft fabric texture is firm, outside surface cloth with soft nap is close, see below the velvet texture, feel is very soft and comfortable, can feel the on the face, soft feel, and use cheap short hair fabrics, velvet sparse, you can see the flannelette, feel is hard on the face is feeling a little people.

3, see how fillers. Good plush pet toys inside multi-purpose white PP cotton. If the pressure was flat in transit, it is easy to recover. With the hand press press, very flexible. Inside the plush dog toy is multi-purpose 'dirty' with poor cotton, or less PP cotton, filling quantity is half good plush dog toys, and pressing with the hand, flexibility is far worse.

4, look at the price. Look at the price. Buy things don't buy expensive, but it cannot buy quality defective keen on gaining petty advantages. Usually the price must be more expensive than cheap quality good. Poor quality of plush dog toy is easy to dirty, bacterium affects health. Especially children, like with the mouth bite, easy dirty hair removal, more unfavorable for children to play

watch brands and businesses. General regular brand products, the quality guaranteed, the channel control is strict, the big merchants purchasing these guaranteed products. Big businesses often in order to maintain its credibility, sales of the commodity will be strict quality control, there will be no fake imitation, this is to further guarantee of consumers.

the next: a practical caring receive house pet dog toys.
a: pet dog toy parts is too small, be careful baby swallowed.

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