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Plastic pet dog toys: want to make baby smarter, little of course not the pet dog toys | | plastic industry news

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
Your baby's growth cannot leave the dog toys, pet toys in relation to the choice of baby's growth and development, play what pet dog toys, how to choose the baby dog toys will affect the ability of baby. Good dog toys can fully develop the potential of baby and stimulate baby brain development, in short, which is able to let the baby smarter, what pet dog toy is a good pet dog toy?

1. Blocks

the mother before the baby building blocks, must learn to observe first, to have an overall impression about things, to migrate to the blocks up a pet dog toys, in the process of this building is conducive to stimulate a child's creativity and imagination, to cultivate children's thinking space, also let children smarter.

2. Doll

can let the baby through the role play to express their feelings, teach baby what is right what is wrong, to let oneself become more reasonable. And parents job is busy for a long time, a pet dog toy dolls can accompany the baby grow, promote baby's physical and mental health.

3. Ball games

no matter male or female baby baby to pet the dog toy ball has a strange of love, like chasing the ball, like holding a tossed the ball, the process of the ball is a hand, brain, eye, the heart must be engaged, process, in children is repeated up to exercise hand-eye coordination.

want baby smarter, and more than your baby has a pet dog toy category?

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