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Plastic pet toys, pet dog toy export enterprises face more severe test. | | plastic industry news

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
The U. S. consumer product safety commission ( 消费品安全委员会) Website on October 18, voted by the content of prohibiting children's products containing more than 0. 1% of the latest rules of certain phthalates. Of America's pet dog toys and children's care products implement compulsory permanent ban of plasticizer will increase by the existing three to eight, is & other; Throughout history the most severe &; , also greatly exceed the current rules of other countries, such as the European Union, the new rules will be officially announced in the federal register into effect in 180 days.

the release of the consumer product safety improvement act of 2008 ( CPSIA) Regulations, due to the harm to children's reproductive system and the endocrine system, DEHP, DBP and BBP three kinds of phthalate plasticizers were implementing permanent ban, DINP, DIDP and DNOP three kinds of phthalate plasticizers is implementing a temporary ban.

dog toys and other children's products is the important export commodities of our country. Due to the new rules of plasticizer is numerous, in addition to DEHP, DBP and so on are common, enterprises of other plasticizer stranger, risk should be attention. Especially it is important to note that our country in January 2016, the implementation of the mandatory standard GB6675 - dog toys 2014 mainly refer to eu standards, limiting objects including six kinds of common DEHP plasticizer. And the United States will add a permanent ban DIBP, DPENP, such as plasticizer, gb standard and the European Union has not yet set limits, relevant proposals through after the pet dog toy export industry of our country have great influence.

here, inspection and quarantine departments to remind export enterprises pay attention to the following aspects: first, attaches great importance to the dynamic of technical regulations in Europe and America. Strengthen the content, and the technical barriers to work into the enterprise quality control system, improve the ability of risk prevention. Second, strictly implement the conformance test before export. Testing is the last safeguard to ensure the quality of products, export of children's products should be in strict accordance with the relevant standards and regulations, plasticizer, heavy metals, and other high-risk projects conformance test, and provide the report as the attached file to customer, reduce the random probability. Third, improve the quality management of soft power. Enterprises should with safety, environmental protection as the breakthrough point, gradually establish a perfect raw materials management system and product design review mechanism, and strengthening production technology management, from the source to prevent quality risk, improve the level of quality and safety.

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