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Plastic pet toys, pet dog toy lease 'really can take the place of purchase. | | plastic industry news

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
After have a baby, a lot of families could face & other pet dog toys not put the children; Discard the & throughout; The trouble. This year with Shared economic rise, pet dog toy lease into fresh air. As for parents, leasing really can take the place of purchase? Exactly which way is more reasonable and more economical?

mother-to-child brick-and-mortar retailers & other; King & throughout; Began to launch Shared in the stores & other; Children enjoy renting & throughout; Service

according to the Xinhua News Agency, the famous American dog toys chain stores in mid-september formally filed for bankruptcy protection this year, some analysts believe the matter from the side reflects the huge impact to the traditional retail Internet economy. R operating in mainland China, though, have not affected by any, but there is no doubt that the traditional pet dog toy sales model has been a big change, the main pet dog toy sharing app, website, the public, emerge in endlessly. As parents, in the face of purchase and lease two modes, how can choose?

no matter what type of service, & other; In order to rent friends' stuff & throughout; Model to solve above all is the parents pain points & ndash; — With less money to complete the dog toy picture books such as children's products update and do not take up more domestic space. This mode, the parents usually think to rent a larger volume, the unit price is higher, can play time is not long dog toys, such as household slide type, subject, lego, etc. , daily rent cost is generally about 1% of the market price. Now many large wanted at thousands of pet dog toy and children playing tired, his so Shared pet dog toys & other; Save money & throughout; 、“ Save space & throughout; The advantage is obvious.

for merchants, lease reduce inventory pressure, behind it is a set of controllable goods circulation system, and in advocating it conforms to the national policy of environmental protection, its business model from the service only gradually development of a community or a city into a national rental service provider, channels and product selection are also more diversified, through physical experience stores or offline community activities to attract new users and increased viscosity.

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