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Plush pet toys standard is introduced

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
Plush toys standard introduction

with Europe and the United States and its search it countries for the strict request of the toy safety as well as foreign consumers because of security issues to the matter of the domestic toy manufacturer claims occur frequently. Toy safety must cause the great attention of related personnel.

a, manual needle, must be put on the fixed soft package, can not be directly on the toy, do person pulls out a needle;

b, needle breakage must find another cut, then report two needles workshop team director, in exchange for new needle, can't find the breakage of the toys must probe to find;

c, each manual work only can send a needle. All steel tools should be unified, not random;

d, proper use of brush Mao Yong steel brush, brush, is explored with the hand brush.

2, toys accessories, including the eyes, nose, buttons, ribbon, bow tie, etc. , may be a child ( Consumers) Off eating, dangerous, so all parts must be a tight a prison, and conform to the requirements of the pull.

a, eyes, the nose must be under 21 LBS pull;

b, ribbons, flowers, buttons must bear 4 LBS pull;

c, post qc inspectors must often testing tensile strength of the above parts, sometimes find problems, and together with the engineers and workshop to solve;

3, all the toys packed in plastic bags, must be printed on the warning language, and in the holes, so as to avoid children set of danger in the head.

4, all filiform, mesh must be warnings, age.

5 all fabrics, toys, accessories with toxic chemicals, lest the child tongue licking the danger;

6, packing box with scissors, bit legacy, such as metal objects.

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