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Price is a little children 'dizzy' pet dog toys | | plastic industry news

by:Zhierde     2020-12-03
Girl they like to evade glue pet dog toys, such as dolls, barbie dolls, such as the little boy likes dog toy cars, childhood, children play with sex, the largest dog toys for them, become indispensable & other The junior & throughout; 。 While & other; 4 - 2 - 1' Four old man family mode, many of them are a young couple around a child, the child's needs naturally became the target of attention!

“ Son likes to play remote control cars, broke with his mom and I want to, you see the remote control car is more than six hundred, the price must be high! But just one child, then you also have to buy! ” Is provincial capital central plaza underground mall, a pet dog toy shop give children buy pet dog toys Mr Zou, told reporters. Reporters saw Mr Zou is prepared to buy remote control racing car, priced at 650 yuan, providers should also nearly 600 yuan.

at the same time, the reporter also learned that such a remote control car, use cycle is short, is a child playing closer up to half a year's time. Besides the choose and buy a remote control car, Mr Zou to chose a few little pet dog toys, such as plastic pet dog toys, wooden pet dog toys, etc. , total price 800 yuan.

than boys like, often hundreds of remote control car, the little girl like barbie doll price seems to be much cheaper. However, when reporters asked parents about the price of the doll, a lot of parents surveyed said, price is high!

“ Just buy a doll's not too expensive, but the next to her & lsquo; Doll & rsquo; Buy clothes, supplies & hellip; … Is complete, all count down prices so high! ” A parent tells a reporter, my daughter likes to evade glue pet dog toys, favorite is barbie dolls, home already has 7, 8, spent 2000 yuan (back and forth Including to form a complete set of doll clothes, jewelry, such as the overhead) 。 Reporters immediately for a barbie doll for the form a complete set, the results are counted down to 200 yuan. Let a person a little & other; Dizziness & throughout; !

“ Barbie is not the most expensive doll on the market, like a baby products of foreign trade to 1000 yuan, or evade glue pet dog toy do very realistic, you touch the baby's face, like really, deserve to go up to give her a clothes, also want to hundreds of yuan. ” Provincial capital of the underground mall introduces to the reporter to the owner of a pet dog toy shop.

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