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PVC plastic pet dog toy is good or bad

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
PVC pet toy is good or bad? Green peace arrangement of statements made instant of American media attention, also has been heavily promoted by the U. S. toy industry. Declare statement in the afternoon, commission of American science and clean ( ACSH) Immediately declared of the investigation team of plasticizer for all scientific research. The investigation team by the relevant categories with specialized knowledge and skills, the ability to work with independent scientists and physicians, and the original surgical director of the physician C by the United States. 埃弗雷特。 Koop.

on June 22, 1999, with a C. 埃弗雷特。 Koop plasticizer security investigation team led by doctors draw the conclusion: take part in the plasticity plastic 'harmless' plasticizer.
C。 埃弗雷特。 Koop doctor said: 'consumers can be completely believe PVC toys and medical product is safe. Investigation conclusion proves that the United States food and drug administration (fda), the consumer product safety commission has always been committed to the mood of these goods. PVC toys and medical supplies are bad for children and adults there is no scientific basis. '

the practice of green peace arrangement by PVC pet toy industry throughout the world. The American association of toy manufacturers on February 8, 1999, declaring the statement: it is to suspend the intimidation in the toy business activities, plasticizer awe is above, on the basis of intimidation foundation is not based on reality. Green peace arrangement opposite PVC used in children's toys are on the basis of the following experimental results, namely high doses of plasticizer cause mice and cat endocrine imbalance, and even cause cancer. But in the experiments, mice and cat of inhaled doses than kids can at least 75 times the dose inhaled from the toys in the, or even 440 times greater in another discussion dose; Together they made no mention of these research results are only for mice and cat. Under the condition of using the same high dose, in laboratory animals such as pig and primate experiments found no effect, and the sensitivity of these animals are more similar to humans.

in Europe, toys and chemical professional arrangement disclosure statement, collective to suspend the green peace arrangement environment does not conform to the reality of preaching and intimidation. Those advocating the father trust mouth chewing soft plastic toys will be jeopardized.

the world toy professional association chairman David
miller pointed out that recent scientific research proves that the professional attitude, phthalate as softener PVC toys for children is definitely safe. Toy profession attaches great importance to some political intention of misleading words have nothing to do with children's safety.

toxicology, biological toxicity and environmental science committee ( SCTEE) Rebuffed confessed industry depend on the test method. Accredited by the British and Danish governments, a new method of test current is not supply abundant evidence. PVC crisis comments like this to continue for a long time, can say so far no direct scientific basis indicate the PVC plastic toys ankang endanger children.

in this case, the eu formally by the new ban on PVC pet toys.
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