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Rules for pets playing with toys

by:Zhierde     2021-03-19
1. Play regularly and at fixed points
It is recommended that the dog plays with toys at fixed time points to be trained to be more obedient, less silly, and the dog's temperament more stable.
2. Create a specified action
An end or start password can be established. That is, don't rush to give it the toy; you must select an end or start password so that the owner can fully grasp the state of the dog playing with the toy.

Can dog stomach acid dissolve rubber toys?
The dog's stomach acid will not dissolve the rubber toy. When it is found that the dog has accidentally swallowed the rubber toy, it is necessary to go to the pet hospital to take X-rays in time to determine the toy's size and location. If this toy is relatively small and can be discharged by itself and the intestines' peristalsis, there is no need to worry; wait for natural discharge. If the toy is too large and obstructed in the digestive tract, it needs to be removed surgically.
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