Selection of plastic pet toys, pet dog remember which several details?

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
First of all, to choose pet toys for dogs, so the material of the toy must be plastic. When selected, can take toys first smell, and see if it has a strong plastic smell. Note that if the dog dog toy plastic taste is very serious, so please don't choose and buy. Because it tastes too stimulating pet toys, is likely to be substandard products, so the toy dog not only smell stimulation to aftertaste, serious still can damage health.

second, there are a lot of the kinds of pet toys, and designed according to different shapes and sizes. In general, for pet dogs they might prefer the bite will emit sound toys. These toys to increase the fun of pet dogs bite and a sense of achievement.

of course, may also be some dogs don't like this kind of toy. Therefore, in the choose pet toys for dogs, best can the be fond of of a dog first, choose the best oh it likes.
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