Strong creative pet dog toy! The advantage of more becoming to be bestowed favor on newly

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
Bullish on China's toy market consumption potential, this year's exhibition companies at home and abroad, in number of both from OEM to OBM upgrade, with their own brand and make all kinds of toy enterprises in China domestic market, such as pet toys, plush toys manufacturers, etc. , there is also a lack of sales channels of foreign brands in China. To meet the demand of toys at home and abroad enterprises exhibitors, the exhibition to add new and established a total of 3578 booth, exhibition area of 8. An area of 120000 square meters, up 8% over the previous; A total of 1068 Chinese and foreign exhibitors brought millions of new players. Among them, the international exhibition area have larger growth, gathered from the United States, the Netherlands, Mexico, Germany, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions of the exhibitors.

in recent years, wide visit visit toy fair/buggies increase quickly, the number of professional buyers, organizers of the visit and survey found four reasons: one is domestic toys, baby carrier and the infant child supplies consumption rise, attract sales terminals, and then adding workers; Second, the domestic toy sales channels is developing toward the flat direction, dealers. Three is the 234 line market in-depth development, local dealers have a greater demand for new brands and new products. Four is the research and development of domestic toy level rising, more international buyers attention.

the change of consumption idea, consumption ability of ascension, the requirement of toy is also higher. Creative, high quality products to have the opportunity to become the market to be bestowed favor on newly. Exhibitors exhibition in guangzhou toys/buggies show launch of a bright new product. Creative products, complex blocks product outstanding works or concave mortise is under the round square, with inlaid connection, the whole point of stitching, can DIY out any curve radian toys, Chinese wind; Every grain of the space shuttle astronauts package, design forms the shuttle, divided into rocket propulsion ( Adult package) And space shuttle carrier ( Children's bag) Two parts, the two parts can be used independently, not only after combination can also become one; Can get boring educational H metal square with up to 10 different methods of cube, can twist and combination, square small weight, finished products also can be used as accessories; Dr Le LBS2201 power suit children building blocks of designed for children aged 4 ~ 6 years, on the basis of mechanical course, let the children in and understand mechanical principle of piling up his building blocks.

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