Suitable for the little boy play with pet dog have?

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
What are suitable for boy playing with toys?

toy is a child's closest partner game, a good toy can exercise the ability to let the children in the process of play, cultivate awareness and good habits, due to gender relations, and the child will show different interest orientation and personality differences, so they demand for toys are also different, the boys began to like model, machinery, electric toys, girls are like grooming, house, etc. , should be based on children's gender cognition to choose the appropriate toys. So, what kind of suit boy playing with toys?

1, the imitation of biological modeling toys

this kind of toy belongs to the technology toys, such as ants, will move will lay eggs of hens, and so on, very fun, to attract children's attention, for all kinds of lovely animals, the children all like it very much, especially now that most children can come into contact with animals seldom at ordinary times, can meet the curiosity of children, improve the children love science, science, and use scientific interest.

2, remote control aircraft

remote control plane are high tech toys which emerged in recent years, autonomous flight, challenging and interesting, are all boys like toys, because need children begin to control the aircraft flight, subjective initiative is strong, to exercise the child's beginning ability, ability to respond to and eye brain has very big effect to hand coordination, at the same time also can cultivate children's interest in model aircraft, which can give them aircraft, rockets, spacecraft and other knowledge of aeronautics and astronautics. Remote control plane is generally not suitable for small children to play with, is suitable for more than 5 years old, give the child to buy remote control plane is unfavorable and large, small, pay attention to when buying don't buy the fake products, not safe and easy to bad.

3, military toys

the gender, the boy is naughty, guns, tanks and other military toys has always been their favorite toys, buy when had better choose the function of sound and light gun, for can shoot guns had better not be bought, for children to play more dangerous. Or buy simulation functions of toys, such as infrared ray against tanks, tanks through infrared simulation artillery, was playing in the tank will be killed, so the tie is broken, is very vivid and interesting, to have more than one child or adult child play family games.

4, sports toys

sports toys such as balls, skates, etc. , can use this kind of toy, consciously developing the children's flexibility, hands and feet coordination and balance of the body, this kind of toy play with an interest in children, but don't too much, parents should give appropriate control.

5, remote control cars

remote control car is one of the boys like toys, because of easy to control, a little bit small children can play, to exercise the child's ability to respond to and brain hand eye coordination is very helpful. Remote control car more electricity, can choose and buy recharge in high-grade toy, so often don't have to buy batteries, notice at ordinary times will charger away, don't let the children their batteries.

6, educational toys,

such as chess, puzzles, rubik's cube, jigsaw puzzle, etc. , for a child brain is fast development, the appropriate time to play some educational toys help intelligence development, can not only rich knowledge, but also is beneficial to the development of thinking ability. But should not be too big toy buy the difficulty coefficient, children playing parents don't limit, make them better at will, don't let children play toys become a burden.

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