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The advantages of plastic on the pet dog toy craft manufacturing | | plastic industry news

by:Zhierde     2020-12-07
In daily life, we often can see all kinds of pet dog toys, such as plastic pet dog toys, evade glue pet dog toys, flocking dog toys and so on. And we can come into contact with most of the pet dog toys are for custom plastic material, so why choose plastic as material? The plastic itself have what advantage?

except on the molding process technology has advantages in other aspects of product design, plastic advantage is that it can be mass production in the factory, in addition to do some hand and is designer handmade dolls, need 'unique' and high fidelity, most other pet dog toys can make machine. Additional plastic itself can be synthesized, and the plastic can cater to consumer groups now for the requirements of the pet dog toys, need to be transparent, soft, elastic, not easy damaged, hard, can produce corresponding pet dog toys.

plastic is a generalist. Like PE, LDPE, also can be recycled, wooden toys and cloth pet dog relatively a lot of environmental protection, and one of the advantages of CA is recycled, the exquisite to environmental protection, to the sustainable development of society, the environmental protection plastic pet dog toys are more able to adapt to the development of The Times.

it is worth mentioning here, some of the material also has a regional culture, such as evade glue pet dog toys, it originated from Hong Kong, is a kind of plastic, but now Hong Kong evade glue pet dog toy is one of the features of the region, and evade glue is developed into a byword for the kind of dog toys. Materials for the product is beyond the mere & other; Material & throughout; The meaning of play a bigger role.

with animation, Disney animation, the rapid development of American businesses large, relatively popular in the market now is the corresponding action, twisted egg and hands. High-profile plastic pet dog toy brands in the world, barbie doll dog toy brands are the United States, China's kan, the pet dog toy doll, made careful, feel soft, color close to the reality or the character in the movie, SD and like Japan, South Korea DOD, human limb body joints can be activities, also can make up for the doll to face, so the material surface imitation of human skin texture, for cosmetics will be adhesion, long time also won't fade easily.

twisted egg products is relatively good in MANDAI and ocean hall of joint research and development products, its structure is simple, rough process, satisfy the requirement of the aesthetic feeling of young children only twisted egg dog toys, through the improvement of materials, workmanship of twisted egg degree increased, the price also is low many, the market opened, has attracted a large number of consumers of all ages to collect, twisted egg is small, but rich details, easy to carry, that is to play, is to give the one big characteristic of plastics.

what has been discussed above is only part of the plastic pet dog toys advantage, if speak deeply, there may be many, many. But with the iteration of high-tech electronic products, plastic pet dog toys, evade glue pet dog toys. 。 。 。 。 Such as plastic pet dog toys still occupying a big pet dog toy market, thus, the advantage of it.

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