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The development of plastic pet toys, pet dog toy moves! | | plastic industry news

by:Zhierde     2020-12-07
“ What is the new wave of pet toys? ” On the focus on children's vertical q&a sites, someone throw such questions. An Internet development and marketing people reply said. Now, animation, film and television career path for pet dog toy is a huge impact, in recent years very the fire a variety show 'where is the father just broadcast not just, pet toys on the market have been appeared on the pet dog toys.

on the other hand, traditional children's pet dog toys still thrive. Best-selling years of lego bricks, natural, durable, log the simple sense of let a person feel close, wood components don't have that much, can really give children to play with.

all pet dog toy manufacturers with emphasis on the ability and imagination to foster children. They give pet dog toys & other; The countrys & throughout; , design open style, emphasize the fun of DIY, create more attractive, hope to deal with tablets, smart phones and TV competition.

just now, the development trend of pet dog toys, can be summed up in four:

a: popular fancy pet dog toy

the development intelligence, the fun is a popular pet dog toys usually have one of the elements, the educational pet dog toy dog toys on the market have become the evergreen tree. Most parents are willing to choose and buy a fancy pet dog toy for children, such as chess, puzzles, kid-learning, etc. Fancy pet dog toy is combined with modern technology, play more and more innovative.

2: popular sport dog toys

movement, is always the theme of the children the same. Some simple, mechanical games, such as trampoline, swings, slides, etc. , can let the children played happily. At the same time also can exercise the child's physical quality.

the three popular: science and technology of pet dog toys

tech pet dog toy is a pet dog toy market popular product this year. Can be assembled solar dog toys, its popularity index has been rising, this kind of green environmental protection intelligent technology of pet dog toys, let many children fondle admiringly.

trend 4: cartoon dog toys

a cartoon dog toys, props, can let the child eyes shine. Also popular options are all kinds of plush pet toys, model of cartoon characters, robot believe every boy playing games won't refuse, and cute plush dolls should be the girls in the heart of love.

the next: plastic pet dog toys: let the vulgar dog toy eroded the childlike innocence.
a: pet dog toys 'tide' is we grow up and it has become a kind of subculture?

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