The Digging Dog

by:Zhierde     2020-07-13
One of the challenges many dog owners face is trying to have a well groomed yard. While your dog may appear well behaved otherwise, having a to pull your hair out because of the holes in your yard.
What Causes Dogs to Dig?
To be great at getting your dog to stop digging, you must first understand why they are digging. There are as many causes as there are options for dealing with the problem. Here are a few:
Keeping Your Dog from Digging
Although we might wish to, yelling to your dog is not the best solution for your digging problem First, make an effort identify why doggy digs, then try an appropriate solution like:
Try socialization. Your puppy may be trying to get to a neighbor's pet or imitating what she's seen from that neighbor's pet. Either way, adding more socialization to your dog's schedule can be an effective remedy. This can be more time the particular dog park, for those who have time, or discover enroll your pooch into a sociable doggie daycare a while a week.
Try changing car toys. Sometimes dogs dig because they're bored and they would like to hear entertainment and excursion. Toys like the Kong toys will help provide this watching movies. While this can help, you will likely need to enhance other strategies become highly effective.
Look for burrowing animals. Your dog may actually be looking for rabbits, ground hogs, gophers or burrowing animals. Correct to call an active animal catcher or pest control specialist to take care of these animals, both for the sake of the lawn as well as the health of your payday advances.
Get a dog house. Dogs will dig if they think the need to your shelter, which is highly common for female dogs. Try adding a dog house to your yard or providing her a special place that is exclusively for her.
The chicken wire trick. If very little else worked, try burying some chicken wire 1-2 inches the actual soil, and extending several inches where your pet normally digs. When she digs, the sensation when she hits the wire will discourage him from digging there again.
Be sure in order to the time to understand the reason your puppy is digging, then attack the root problem. This help save your sanity and solve the problem more quickly.
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