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The dongguan on the ( STC) June will be held 'pet dog toy 3 c authentication' workshop | | plastic industry news

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
To help pet dog toys enterprises to solve the problems in the CCC application, dongguan standard products detection co. , LTD. ( STC) Will be held on June 24 in guangdong dongguan & other; How to deal with CCC application problems of quality and time & throughout; Workshop, dongguan on the pet dog toys and children's products division manager Liu Qisong introduced as a keynote speaker, the requirements of the relevant CCC application help enterprises complete CCC application.

in 2015, dongguan on the allowed to become China's compulsory product certification CCC ( The 3 c certification) To develop laboratory, allow engaged in electric dog toys, plastic pet dog toys, metal dog toys, ejection pet dog toys and dolls pet dog toys and so on five big pet dog toy products inspection business.

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