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The forgotten time dynamic | | plastic

by:Zhierde     2020-12-02
Do you remember? At 14:28 on this day in 2008 04 seconds, 8. 0 earthquake rocked sichuan wenchuan, almost 70000 people have been killed, 1. More than 80000 people were missing and 370000 injured & hellip; … 8 years past, bone-deep pain or have been right, but we won't forget those stubborn life, who are desperate to deliver, support & hellip; those who come from all directions … Today, you may stop for a few minutes memoriam, salute to rebirth, too?

the wenchuan after eight years ago this nightmare moment, wenchuan chaos, recognition, this is the day hit every disaster family, no one can forget speaking out of turn. Over the past eight years, reconstruction work is still going on. Review the frozen moments, festivals, for the victims, many families will stop at the moment, the dream of many people is not to be in that moment, how many people in the spontaneous through various channels to praying for these people, lit candles, said together & other Wenchuan, don't cry & throughout; 。 Eight years later the wenchuan people have stood up, although it failed to completely wipe out their heart pain, but this world of love to these strong people a rebuild their homes. Perhaps in today I should say, & other; Wenchuan! Come & throughout;

eight years, time through disaster, witness the rebirth. “ Only through a hellish ordeal, to have the power to create heaven; Only through the blood fingers, to play the swan song of the world & throughout;

recall, for loss of life, as well as strong reborn on the ruins.

pray, good for the future, also for our hard-won right now.

memory of the past! Live in the moment!

the natural disasters can't forget, today's rebirth more feel more cherish. Cherish everything we have, in the heart forever with love and hope!

shenzhen plastic co. , LTD. And you together for the wenchuan!

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